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Top 8 Interesting Facts about Vladimir Putin 2018
Top 8 Interesting Facts about Vladimir Putin 2018

Top 8 Interesting Facts about Vladimir Putin 2018

Top 8 Interesting Facts about Vladimir Putin 2018: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is the president of Russia. He was born on October 7, 1952, and is now in Leningrad, St. Petersburg. The life of Russian President Vladimir Putin is full of adventure like an Action Film, that you expect to see filled with undercover work (spy), strategies and a lot of dangerous action. Vladimir Putin is the most interesting person in the world. He is known for his bizarre remarks and daring behaviour.

A beloved Russian Leader Vladimir Putin is the Man who has been in charge of his country for most of the past ten years. Putin was the Prime Minister of Russia from 1999 to 2000, the Russian President from March 2000 to May 2008, and then again from 2008 to 2012. He was re-elected president in 2012 and is now president. He was initially trained as a lawyer. Here we compiled a list of Top 8 Interesting Facts about Vladimir Putin 2018.


Top 8 Interesting Facts about Vladimir Putin 2018:

Top 8 Interesting Facts about Vladimir Putin 2018

1-Judo Master:

Vladimir Putin is a master of judo and Sambo sports also the Soviet cup champion of the DSO “Zalgiris” and “Kalev” championships. Many believe that Vladimir Putin is the most feared leader in the world and there is sufficient evidence. Putin’s judo coach was Anatoly Rakhlin, later coached the Russian women’s national judo team. When Vladimir Putin was young he won the title of the champion when competing between universities. At the age of 18, he won the black belt in judo and his love of martial arts has been extended to his office.

The martial arts skills undoubtedly earned him the favour in the KGB, and they also helped explain the leaders’ interesting views of the world. Not only martial arts and judo, he also practiced Russian wrestling techniques. With his point of view, the word literally means self-defence without weapons, and he is good at it.


2. Secret Services Life:

Putin decided to test the education and skills learned at Leningrad State University with one of the world’s cruellest spy agencies, instead of going to consulting companies or studying.  Putin signs the contract with the KGB and demonstrated his courage and dedication to the KGB. In that time Putin becomes famous and he was working for KGB until he was stationed in Dresden when the Berlin Wall collapsed in 1989. Putin spent more than two years in the KGB until he decided to enter the political arena in 1991.

Although Putin did something amazing, Understanding Putin and his motives is not an easy task, This is what a former KGB agent skilled in spy art longing for the attention and acceptance of people around him.

3. Work for Country:

Putin is still regarded by many as a respected leader who has allowed Russia to re-establish itself. He helped the Russian economy recover from the financial crisis in 1998 and grew an average of 7% annually from 2001 to 2007. Subsequently, it became the seventh largest economy based on purchasing power.

Despite the country’s poor human rights record and poor economic performance, this is partly due to Putin’s attempt to reorganize the country near overseas. His directed leadership and political dictatorships to open market economies and democratic institutions. He welcomed by those who seek stability and meaning in a world.


4. Love Adventure:

Putin’s affinity is a tough guy. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that “Putin” fishes in a waterfall near a mountain lake. He is very adventurous. Also, he dives 200 feet submersibles underwater in the Gulf of Finland to pay for a 140-year shipwreck visit. He also drifting in mountain rivers, driving motor boats, hiking and riding the motorcycle on the mountains.


5. Fishing Hobby:

The adventurous Putin also good at fishing. In 2013, he went on a fishing trip to Siberia, where he captured a 46-pound barracuda and became one of the largest catches in the world. However, some anglers say that the weight of the fish may be only half. He is being documented and photographed when sneaked into the Baikal submarine.

6. Contribution to Science:

For science, Once Putin used Crossbows to hit a whale. In 2010, when he and his marine biologists discovered a gray Whale when they wandered in the sea. Scientists want to collect skin samples to study species of Whales. Putin decided to fix the problem and help them to collect samples.

He was also captured in a Shot by placing the satellite tracking device on the polar bear’s neck in the north of Russia. This is because of assisting scientists for the study of polar bears.


7. Sports Hobby:

Vladimir Putin is the Ultimate sports person with many talents. In a grand hockey game in Sochi, he demonstrated his skating skills and sticking skills by scoring six goals in the Hockey League and he also plays ice hockey in Siberia. The Russian President’s stunts in different sport are well-known and mocked. Putin also likes skiing, In 2009, he skied with the president of the Austrian ski resort in Moscow.

In August 2009, during a day’s rest in Tuva, Vladimir Putin performed rafting on an inflatable rubber boat. Not only this The Russian President Vladimir Putin played with Gianni Infantino 100 days before the starting of FIFA World Cup.


8. Pets:

The Russian President, own three dogs also he loves to engage with all the species of dogs. These dogs gifted to Putin by Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and Akita Prefecture. On his 65th birthday, he has gifted a shepherd Puppy called “Alabai” from the Turkmenistan President. In 2007, at a press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Sochi. He took his dog along with to scare her. Beside these Putin has many pets, shepherd Buffy, her goat Skazka and a pony called Vadik.

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Top 8 Interesting Facts about Vladimir Putin 2018:

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