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Top 8 Interesting Facts about China 2018
Top 8 Interesting Facts about China 2018

Top 8 Interesting Facts about China 2018

Top 8 Interesting Facts about China 2018: China is the most populous country in the world, there are many facts about China. It is famous for its tradition, culture and the products around the world.

China officially called the People Republic of China. Emerges from earliest civilization now the world second largest Economy according to international monetary fund. Almost capture every single business, not just production but the pillars of many organizations.

Besides its Economy China is known for its interesting culture, food, Pandas, Kung-Fu and the World famous “Great Wall of China”. It is the longest cemetery on Earth, even seen from space. More than 10 million people visit to see this Wall every year. From impressive architecture to fascinating heritage China is interesting Country after all.


Top 8 Interesting Facts about China 2018,

1-More than 31 Millions of Chinese Live in Caves,

More than 31 million Chinese live in caves many of them are in Shaanxi Province. The Yellow Loess Plateau, with its unique yellow porous soil cliffs, makes excavation easier, and cave dwellings are a reasonable choice. It is very interesting that Millions of people of China have already entered the underground life.

According to a recent report from the Los Angeles Times, more than 30 million Chinese people live in caves. While the peoples in developed countries prefer furnished houses than caves. Many of the residents are happy with caves saying that “Caves are cool in summer and warm in winters, they are safe with Air and noise pollution, and everything is natural.”

A larger number of the population live in caves more than a couple of decades. Every cave in China, Yaodong, has a long arched room with a semi-circular entrance covered with rice paper or colourful quilts. People decorate their walls with Portraits and Manganese covers.


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2-Pandas Home,

The panda is considered to be a symbol of peace and friendship for the Chinese. Pandas are cute cuddling bears besides from brown they have white and black skin. They eat bamboo most of their diet. According to the report from the National Zoo, in the wild, Only giant pandas found in remote mountainous regions in central China, Sichuan, Shaanxi, and Gansu.

Pandas are considered to be lucky In this area, there is a cool wet bamboo forest that is very suitable for the needs of giant pandas. Giant pandas make dens from hollow logs or conifer stumps found in forests.

They are originating in China and also considered a national treasure. According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, giant pandas are at risk, only about 1600 wild animals live in the wild and about 100 in Zoo around the world.


3-China’s domestic railways,

Chinese Railways lines are the world longest Railways, can loop the earth twice If it is end-to-end. By 2025, China’s domestic railway line network will reach 175,000 kilometres (about 108,740 miles). In comparison, the second largest high-speed rail network in Spain is only 1,926 miles

The network of “bullet trains” in China has lengthened 15,500 miles and is already the largest in the world. .But by the end of 2018, China will become longer. According to Hong Kong Free Press, Hong Kong’s construction project is near completion and China is building a 4 million-square-foot train station for the new “Bullet trains”.


4-China has single time-zone,

The Whole China observe the same one-time zone, called the Beijing time. As compared to other countries it is pretty crazy that the size of China is roughly as same as the United States. We know that China ranking 4rth in the world largest country by Area, but comparatively all others countries have at least three time zones.

With the “Bejing time” in the country, schools and airports stations operate in odd hours and sometimes it leads state exams at night. Over 3000 miles the same time become headaches.


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5-China One Child Policy,

More than Half of Women Population of China had an abortion. One Child policy leads the abortion rate to over 14 Million yearly. Strict family planning has drastically worsened the demographic situation in China.

Last year, this Law is changed to Two Child policy. Its millions of people control the police to “resolutely implement the basic policy of family planning complete the policy of each couple to give birth to two children.”


6-In China books by weight,

Literally, it is true because Books in China are cheap, especially e-books. The typical selling price for Chinese e-books is about 1.30 USD. In Eastern Provinces like Shanghai, buying books is interesting. You will find out that you are not paying for its quality but Instead, you paying for its weight.

The prices of Books is comparatively low than other countries. But there are more than 1 billion E-book readers, and even more than the US E-commerce market. Giving authors many opportunities for being wealthy by publishing their work on the Internet. E-book authors earns more from traditional publishing in China.


7-The Capital of China has most Toxic Air in the World,

Beijing is the capital of China and it is one of the truly magnificent cities in the world. Air pollution levels are one thing, but their deaths are another matter. PM level 2.5 is a very dangerous level of Air Pollution. In the last two years, PM 2.5 is concerned in Beijing.

With the discovery of deadly air, authorities respond to reduce PM rate by 25%. During the winter its strives to reach the concentration to below 60 micrograms per cubic metres. Beijing is one of the most polluted cities in the world. The Air of Beijing’s has become more dangerous with the huge number of Industries.

If you breathe in Beijing for a day, this is equivalent to smoking a whole packet of cigarettes. October, Last year Beijing average PM is 2.5 which is enough for a painful death. Breathing in such air may lead you to lungs, cardiovascular, skin and respiratory diseases.


8-Men Population of China is More than Womens,

China has more than 35 Million more men than Women. Because of one and two child policies the gender imbalance causes a serious problem. China’s gender ratio is higher than the global average than any other country. Now the country is dealing with ageing peoples.

The traditional preference of boys, and the government policies like one-child and latterly two child policy affect this all. Cause of these policies, millions of Womens resulted in abortions. On Valentines, It is clear that millions of Mens are single in China.

Top 8 Interesting Facts about China 2018:

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