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Female bodybuilders

Top 5 Indian female bodybuilders, won titles

Female bodybuilders: Female bodybuilders are not widely favourable in India. Now it seems more modernizing with emerging bodybuilding contests. More Indian female bodybuilders considered this male sport a female sport. More and more women take participate in this sport as a fitness motivation. Women’s participates from national to international level fitness and bodybuilding championships.

In term of women’s fitness India is more modernize in Yoga. Female bodybuilding is widely spread as a professional level sport in the world. Modern women participate in all types of sports, from cricket to Kabaddi. Here is the list of Top 5 Indian female bodybuilders, won titles.


Top 5 Indian female bodybuilders:

1- Shweta Rathore:

Watch Shweta Rathore teaches a female fitness model how to pose:

Shweta Rathore became the first female bodybuilder in India won a silver medal in the 49th Asian Championship. Shweta trained in the gym from the age of 15 and is now she is 25 years old Miss India. Her family supported her ambition very well to become a fitness expert.


2- Deepika Chowdhury:

Watch Deepika Chowdhury NPC interview:

People who think that bodybuilding and abdominal muscles only for men, must reconsider. The 30-year-old Deepika Chowdhury is the India first international female bodybuilder and fitness model. She became the first Indian woman who won the international fitness competition in the United States.

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3- Ashwini Waskar:

Watch Barcroft TV Biograph Ashwini Waskar:

Ashwini Waskar became a become a female bodybuilder after getting overweight. She is the first female athlete in India who works hard to participates in seven international competition ships. When she was fat, his decision of becoming a fit women change his life.

She joins a gym and starts weightlifting, and now she is a well famous Indian female bodybuilder. She believes that there are many female athletes in the country who need help to shine but couldn’t have family support. Ashwini said that she has a good fortune to have a supporting father. Who supports his passion to become his career.


4- Kiran Dembla:

Watch Kiran Dembla in TEDx Talk show motivate women’s:

Kiran Dembla is the first Indian female bodybuilder won duo medal award for his six packs. She is the extreme fitness model on the whole list to do so. She got the sixth position in 2013 World Bodybuilding Championships. This 41-year-old established his career as a married woman. At present, she works as a trainer and a social activist in India.


5- Karuna Waghmare Swami:

Watch Karuna Waghmare Swami won Olympia medal:

Karuna Waghmare Swami participates in many fitness championships. Like the 46th Asian Bodybuilding contest and Chinese Fitness Championships. In 2012 she becomes Miss India fitness model and received award by the Indian Bodybuilding Federation of Fitness (I.B.B.F).

Top 5 Indian female bodybuilders, won titles:

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