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Best Luxury Hotels in Dubai
Luxury Hotels in Dubai

Top 5 Best Luxury Hotels in Dubai, [United Arab Emirates]

Best Luxury Hotels in Dubai: There are many Best Luxury Hotels in Dubai. It has some of the best luxury seven-star hotels in the world. Dubai is known for its extraordinary luxury hotels, which offers fabulous innovative design, exquisite international cuisine, and special facilities.

This super-rich desert playground has the most futuristic buildings in the world. Dubai is One of the Seven Emirates of UAE with the Best Luxury Hotels in Dubai. All the Emirates are rich with every luxury of life. This is the place of worlds famous high-rise skyscrapers.

Dubai has the title of world first 7-star hotel in the world and the world biggest shopping mall. Dubai hotels have all these luxury with the innovative indoor ski resorts, huge aquariums, and artificial man-made islands. These hotels are the best hotels in dubai for couples.

These are the examples of imaginable and profitable emerging lands of Dubai. Where merchants sell their goods in the traditional open-air markets with the huge profit. For merchants, Dubai markets are open with a lot of benefits.

If you want to see the universe from the sky, you must go to the world highest place to enjoy the vision. With 2717 foot [Burj Khalifa] is the tallest building with the largest shopping mall in the world. Since 2010, more than 1.8 million tourists have visited Burj Khalifa every year. And this is increasing every time.

In this Article, we compile a short list of Top 5 Best Luxury Hotels in Dubai, [United Arab Emirates]. In our list, these are the best hotels in dubai.


Top 5 Best Luxury Hotels in Dubai, [UAE]:

1- Dubai Burj Al Arab:

Best Luxury Hotels in Dubai

Burj Al Arab is the World first Seven Star Hotel in Dubai (UAE). It is also known as the [Tower of the Arabs]. This is one of the Best Luxury Hotels in Dubai. Even 39% of all of its height is spaceless. Initially, this was also known as dubai hotels 7 star only in the World. Burj Al Arab is on the Palm artificial island of Jumeirah Beach. This hotel is also the most luxurious hotel in dubai.

The appearance of the Hotel is similar to the Ship Sail, which feels like a ship docked on Dubai Island. It is pretty much interesting design. The interior of the hotel is as impressive as the luxurious 2 story suite. The royal suite has the most magnificent decorations with canopy bed, marble, and goldbuilt staircases with rotating base.

Every floor of Burj Al Arab has its own reception and a Butler team for your assistance 24/7 available. For businessman and premium customers, the helipad at the top of the Burj Al-Arab uses as a tennis court.

Best Luxury Hotel in Dubai:

Burj Al Arab total height is about 210 meters from the ground, which is approximately 689 feet. There is a special bridge, who connect the hotel with the beach. Hotel is actually above the beach, have underwater floors an and a sea aquarium.

At sunset, the exterior of the hotel is performing the light show that can go through the sail-shaped structure. The stylish outdoor terrace features two swimming pools. It includes a seawater pool with approx 120 luxurious sun beds. Seems like the horizon flanked by 32 butler-served huts.

Hotel bathrooms and some rooms feature bright gold foils tiles. Other directories use 30 other types of marble. Staying in Burj Al Arab is very expensive. Actually, this is the most expensive hotel in dubai.

Burj Al Arab has 28 floors that can accommodate 202 bedroom suites. The smallest suite is 169 square meters (1,820 square feet) and the largest suite is 780 square meters (8,400 square feet). There is a restaurant and an Aquarium in Burj Al Arab.

The restaurant called “Al Muntaha” accessible via a panoramic elevator and offers views of Dubai. The Aquarium “Al Mahara”, which sails through simulated submarines, has a large seawater aquarium under water.

To withstand the water pressure, the wall of the tank made of acrylic glass is about 7.1 inch in thickness. You can safely enjoy this top class luxury. This is one of the Best Luxury Hotels in Dubai. You should visit once during the vacation.


2- Dubai Jumeirah Al Qasr:

Best Luxury Hotels in Dubai

Jumeirah Al Qasr is one of the top hotels of Dubai, Al Qasar means “palace”. This hotel is magnificent with its luxurious, classical architecture and truly the crown jewel of Madinat Jumeirah. Jumeirah Al Qasr has all the facilities and activities of the expansive resort.

Al Qasr Jumeirah Luxury rooms decorated in traditional Arabian style with stunning views of the sea. The resort includes a high-end Sheikh summer residence resort with gorgeous interiors. Al Qasr is one of the Best Luxury Hotels in Dubai with traditional Arabian Style.

Al Qasr is part of a larger Madinat Jumeirah resort complex with huge facilities. A beautiful sandy beach on Jumeirah is full of enjoyment. Al Qasar has 292 rooms decorated in a classic Arabic style and many private courtyards with perfect sea views.

The hotel guests can access all the facilities of the resort. The award-winning spa, bars and an impressive health club. It includes a 25-metre indoor swimming pool, kids club and a Wadi water park. Guest can join water sports on the beach.

The hotel has almost all of the Arabic design details you can imagine. Jumeirah Al Qasr has a wide range of landscape grounds and canal waterslides. Private furnished balconies and a seafood are amazing. The restaurant uses fresh fruits for cocktails. A Talise Spa and a large pool area for children’s is pretty wide. Finally, this is the most valuable hotel you can find.


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3- Dubai One&Only Royal Mirage:

Best Luxury Hotels in Dubai

Dubai One&Only Royal Mirage is a seaside resort consisting of three properties. The three properties owned by Royal Mirage is the luxurious Arabian court, the Moorish palace and the welcoming Residence & Spa. All three have some common features.

Like the maze walkways, decorative high ceilings, majestic chandelier, ornate mirrors and traditional Arabic pottery. The Arab Court has the most interesting architecture and interior design. The mysterious air shrouds the building like the conspiracy in the Arab story.

One&Only has unique characteristics, You can enjoy a variety of entertainment with no exception. Guests can enjoy sea-facing rooms, rich gardens, luxurious spas and some of the city’s best restaurants. This is also one of the Best Luxury Hotels in Dubai.

Even The luxury bathrooms have its own private Turkish steam rooms. One&Only Royal Mirage has restaurants and 162 rooms and 10 elegant suites, 147 Superior Deluxe Rooms, and 49 Gold Club Rooms. All the rooms are elegant and facing the sea with private balconies and garden terraces.

In the Palace, there is unique detail on each and every high ceiling. Complex artistic patterns and stars on decorative tiles. The 13 on-site restaurants in One&Only Royal Mirage have a variety of cuisines. The Mediterranean, Moroccan and Indo-European etc.

The hotel has many things like a gym, spa, massage room, golf and tennis courts. Includes nightclub, library, swimming and diving pool and many indoor games.

The hotel Spa has experienced therapists from Asia and the world. For business purposes, there are special meeting rooms and business centres for meetings and events. This luxurious resort hotel is just minutes away from Dubai Marina. Have many city attractions and everything you need for an Arabian adventure.


4- Dubai Atlantis The Palm:

Best Luxury Hotels in Dubai

Atlantis, The Palm is a luxury hotel resort located on the top of the Palm Jumeirah in the UAE. This is the first resort built on the Palm island. Based on a myth of Atlantis, this is one of Dubai’s most secludes tempting seaside resorts. This is also one of the Best Luxury Hotels in Dubai.

Atlantis The Palm is one of the most famous resorts in Dubai and even the most famous resorts in the world. The exterior of the hotel is Clay Pink with a giant hole in it. It is located on the Palm Jumeirah and has own water parks and an aquarium.

‘Atlantis’ refers to a large resort of 1,539 rooms that drown guests in the myth of a lost city. ‘Palm’ is home to the Atlantis, a $12 billion palm island recovered from the Persian Gulf.

Atlantis the Palm has its own aquarium in “The Lost Chamber”. The aquarium and waterparks have no restriction on guests. The Hotel Consistent with this theme, the Atlantis Hall is really just around the corner.

The cylindrical roof features ancient frescoes. The hotel offers free shuttle service, a 24-hour front desk, hairdressers and gift shop. This resort has a private beach area and car hire is available. You can play tennis at this resort, and the area is popular for snorkelling. You can play tennis at the beach and resort provide car rental services at parking.


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5- Raffles Dubai:

Best Luxury Hotels in Dubai

Dubai Raffles Hotel is the first Middle Eastern hotel when the Singapore Hotel Group opened its doors. The brand’s impeccable service is a natural choice for this Egyptian-themed hotel. Magnets for business travellers and shopping centres seek luxury services. This is also of the Best Luxury Hotels in Dubai.

Raffles Dubai is a stunning landmark hotel combines Asian and Egyptian aesthetics in a unique pyramid shape. This perfect resident is 10 minutes away from Dubai International Airport. It is close to the main Wafi Shopping Centre and Dubai Metro.

Raffles Dubai is surrounded by private gardens, in the heart of the city offering the most modern facilities and service. The hotel has 252 spacious rooms and suites. These rooms are the largest in the city, decorated in Middle Eastern and Asian styles, luxury and impeccable hospitality.

Each room and suite offers a refined design. Raffles Dubai has the stunning view from the Private balconies. Offers outdoor seating with breathtaking views of the city, you can feel ease with supreme luxury.

The reception is 24-hour available. Raffles Dubai courtyards feature an impressive glass and stone pyramid structure. The hotel’s expansive features include seven restaurants and bars, a gorgeous swimming pool and extensive spa facilities.

Top 5 Best Luxury Hotels in Dubai, [United Arab Emirates]:

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