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Facts about Olympic Games
Facts about Olympic Games

10 Interesting Facts about Olympic Games

Facts about Olympic Games: The Olympic Games is one of the most famous and most important global sporting events on earth. Thousands of players take participate in it. Here we compile a list of 10 Interesting Facts about Olympic Games.

Players who participate in various sports events at the Olympic Games have many winter and summer sports competitions. More than 200 countries will participate in the Olympic Games. International Olympic Committee (IOC) both Winter and Summer Olympic Games held every four years.

The next winter Olympics are held in Pyeong Chang South Korea, Beijing and China in 2022. The Summer Olympic in 2024 is being held in Paris, France, and Los Angeles, and the United States in 2028.


10 Interesting Facts About Olympic Games:

1- Olympic Flame:

Facts about Olympic Games
The flashing torch exercises during the Olympic Games in Olympia.

The sun ignited the Olympic Torch and burnt it till the last day of the event. The Olympic Committee emphasized the first Olympic flame during the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics. The fire represents many things, including their efforts for perfection and purity.

The chairman of the event Carl Dim introduce the Olympic torch relay in 1936, used till date. Women who dressed like ancient style lit the Torch in Olympia with a unique curve mirror and the sunlight.

Flame torch moves from place to another until the Olympic Stadium in hosting state. The torch relay is a symbol of the tradition of ancient Olympic Games. This torch is required to burn throughout the event and if it exists, it can be lit only by the flame from Greece.

Many runners hold the Torch from Athens to host country. The runner carrying the torch travel on the plane, boat, canoe, to help deliver the torch to the host country.


2-The Ancient Olympics:

Facts about Olympic Games

The historical date of the event is Olympia’s eighth century (BCE). This game is held at every religious and athletic sports festival. Twelve centuries it held every four years at the Zeus Refuge in Olympia.

In fact, in the fourth century, the Emperor Theodosius banned all pagan celebrations, including the Olympics. These competitions resumed after 1500, and Greece held its first Olympic Games in 1896. The ancient Greek Olympic Games lasted for six months.


3- Olympic Medals:

Facts about Olympic Games

The host country’s organizational committee always designs the medals. Each medal is 0.118 inches thick and 2.36-inch diameter. The gold medal is silver with 6 grams of gold. Each silver and gold medal must be at least 92.5% silver. Last time 100% pure Gold Medal gave the winner of 1912 Olympic Games. These medals are divided into three categories. The gold medal, awarded to the winner, the silver medal, the first runner-up; and the bronze medal, to the second runner-up.


4- The Olympic Hymn,

Facts about Olympic Games

When the Olympic flag hangs, hymns are played. It was organized by Greek musician Spiro Samara and the Greek poet Kostis Palamas.

The Olympic Committee played the hymn for the first time during the opening ceremony of 1896. The IOC announced that it was being official Hymn of Olympic Games in 1958. Since 1960, it has been played during the flag raising of the opening ceremony and at the flag lowering ceremony.


5- Procession Order of Athletes During the Olympic Opening Ceremony:

Facts about Olympic Games

During the inauguration, Greek players always taking the lead all players. Followed by other countries, in alphabetical order according to the language of the Olympic host country. The hosting nation always marches last after all the other countries have passed.


6-  International Olympic Committee Diplomats:

To make the IOC an independent institution, IOC announced that their members were the ambassadors of their countries from the International Olympic Committee and not diplomats to IOC from their nations.


7- Length of the Olympic Marathon Race:

During the initial modern Olympics, the IOC has to overcome Marathon’s distance. During the 1908 Olympics, British king request that the Stadium could be near from Windsor Castle that the royal children could see the start of the race. From the Stadium to the Windsor Castle, the distance is 26 miles, and it became the standard marathon distance in 1924.


8- The First Olympic Marathon:

In 490 BC, the Greek military told Pheidippides to run from the marathon to Athens, telling the results of the war between the Persians and the Greek soldiers. Pheidippides ran for 25 miles, a path filled with multiple hills among other things.

After reporting the Athens, Pheidippides fell and died. The first modern Olympic event held the first marathon race of around 25 miles in memory of the fallen soldier.


9- The Winter Olympic Games:

From 1921, a decision of joint summer winter Olympics Sports of 1924. The first winter sports started an 11-day winter sports in Chamonix, France three months before the 1924s of the Paris Olympics.

In 1994, IOC diplomat separated winter Olympics from summer. Apart from the Summer Games Olympic event held after every 4 years in different locations.


10- Women’s Olympic Games:

Women prohibited from participation in sports from the beginning. They are being underrepresent from the early stages of the modern Olympics. Then, the first female player participated in the 1900 Olympic event.

It held in Paris, and the women participated in the women’s lawn tennis and golf competition for the first time. During the event, on July 11, 1904, women name Charlotte Cooper from England got the first gold medal in tennis singles.

10 Interesting Facts About Olympic Games:

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