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Greatest Football Players in History
Greatest Football Players in History

Top 10 Greatest Football Players in History, Football history

This is the list of Top 10 Greatest Football Players in History of football ratted by football fans. These are the best football player ever? Given the changing nature of the game, this may be an unanswerable question. The goal is to determine the greatest football player in the game. Although there are more players coming into contact with top football players during major international events. Like the Olympics, World Cup (European Union competitions), and others around the world form a large number of football leagues. We compile a list of only 10 Greatest Football Players in History, Football history. These are the top ten football players of all time.


 Greatest Football Players in History:

Footballer Eusebio:

As one of the first African football player, Eusebio made an impression in international competitions. He let Portugal finish third in the 1966 World Cup. The Golden Boots won 9 goals. At the club level, he made 631 appearances in games for the Real Madrid won 11 league titles in the 15 years of competition. Also the European Cup and Ballon d’Or. The Black Panther is also humble. His athleticism, technical ability and amazing finishing range are all excellent. As a fair player, he praised Alex Stephen after the Manchester United goalkeeper refused to participate in the 1968 Euro Cup final.

He was repeatedly referred to as “the greatest African football player ever” and outside of Africa, he was regarded as the largest Portuguese player ever. In his native Mozambican body, he was considered to be the most flashy in the country’s history. Bright football star plays football with his friends and often uses barefoot football when he is out of school. Eusebio is one of the Greatest Football Players in History.


Footballer Pele:

The great player born Edson Arantes de Nascimento hit the 1958 World Cup at the age of 17. He became the name of a tongue that overthrew all the people. Pele scored six goals in the tournament, including one of the greatest in history. He lifts the coveted Jules Rimet for the first time in Brazilian history. Of course, it will not be their only star. Pele also contributed to the Brazilian team’s successful defence of the trophy in 1962. Although an injury in their second game gave him a chance to play a more important role.

However, the “King” compensated for a period of time after eight years. When he guided the host’s golden generation to the third World Cup and won the Golden Globe Award. This is still called a legend of Brazil. At the end of his career, the Santos forward had scored an incalculable goal of 1281. Which makes him the most prolific shooter in football history. Pele is one of the Greatest Football Players in History.


Footballer Johan Cruyff:

Dutch football legend John Cruyff died of cancer at the age of 68. The Dutch named him the World Player of the Year, three times. Johan Cruyff led the Dutch team to the World Cup finals in 1974 as manager for Barcelona’s fees. Football player John Cruyff did manage to qualify for the World Cup. He was actually 1974 final. He won the Golden Globe in 1974 and performed the Cruyff round for the first time. In addition to encouraging a whole generation of elementary school students to practice excellent deception in the playground.

Cruyff also influenced everyone from Eric Cantona to Harvey with his unparalleled skills, smooth movement and quick thinking. Changed the reputation of the Netherlands as a football team. In fact, no Dutch club ever won a European event before Cruyff’s appearance. When he left Ajax in 1973, they won three games in a row. Cruyff guided Barcelona for their first La Liga League in 14 years. He added “Ghost Goal” to this spell. It is hard to imagine that any other player has left such a long-lasting legacy.


Footballer Diego Maradona:

Controversial legend Diego Maradona is one of the greatest players of England in history after his goal at the 1986 World Cup. He also played for Barcelona and Napoli clubs but struggles with cocaine addiction he got serious health problems. Like Zidane, the gleaming career before Diego Maradona ended in shame. The drug tests in Barcelona and the 1994 World Cup have all failed. The latter got a famous Carnival celebration after scoring a goal against Greece, which ensures that his name always marked. But when the Argentine was short, he could barely touch. Just ask the England nationals.

He kept ringing in the astonishing, competition during the 1986 World Cup. He dominated the game in 1958 with Pele not seeing it. In addition to lifting the sport’s most coveted trophy. Maradona also used his lightning pace, and amazing accuracy to guide Naples in the two Serie A champions and a UEFA Cup. If he is controversial and complex, the 20th century will not be so beautiful without him. Diego Maradona is one of the Greatest Football Players in History.


Footballer Ferenc Puskas:

Football player Ferenc Puskas, also known as Galloping Major, was born on April 2, 1927, in Budapest, Hungary. He died on November 17, 2006. Ferenc Puskas is a professional football player of Hungary and the first international superstar in the sports world. Ferenc Puskas scored 83 goals in 84 games with the Hungarian national team. Puskas career was very special. Because he had the privilege to participate in one of the greatest national teams and the oldest club team ever.

The great Football player Ferenc Puskas despite being an army member became Budapest’s Honvéd. It was given to him by the Hungarian Ministry of Defence. Puskas took his rank seriously, grouped his club teammates into five leagues. Made his team the national strong Magyar who participate in the Olympic gold medals. Manage the 1954 World Cup finals, averaging 1 goal per game.

After the Hungarian revolution, Puskas’s career was considered to be over. At the time, he was handed over to UEFA for a two-year suspension because he did not return to Honvéd. But despite the fact that the game did not last so long, that he was growing in weight. Years later, the 31-year-old player surrendered a lifeline to Real Madrid in 1958.

He won his trust with other extraordinary goals, which helped them win five La Liga titles and three European Cup champions. He can only use his left foot for the attack, which makes his prolific attack rate even more pronounced. Ferenc Puskas is one of the Greatest Football Players in History.


Footballer Alfredo Di Stefano:

The great Football player in the history is Real Madrid. He plays well but also his attack, and defend is remarkable. Alfredo Di Stefano unrepeatable feat, winning five consecutive European Cups which amazed the international football world. Di Stefano was awarded the Ballon d’Or in 1957- 1959 in regard to his performances. In 1989 he received the Real Madrid trophy.

In addition to the goalkeeper, the Real Madrid legend Alfredo Di Stefano becoming the sport’s golden palyer. Due to his quick pace and golden lock, nicknamed Golden Arrow, the Argentine showed his creative genius, but his name is a prolific striker. DiStéfano is an important figure of the Real team. He won the European Cup five times in the fifties and scored in every final and eight La Liga titles.

Although in three different countries his native Argentina, Spanish team and Colombia won. His luck gave him the opportunity to demonstrate his versatility on the World Cup stage. Alfredo Di Stefano is the only player in the world to own a Super Ballon d’Or. He is still one of the most talented all-around players ever. Alfredo Di Stefano is one of the Greatest Football Players in History.


Footballer Garrincha:

For many years, the country of Brazil has brought many dribble magicians footballers to the world. It is easy to understand the public’s fascination with him. Gallincha story is an inspiring story of a person who overcomes birth defects and becomes a football star. With him, Brazil won the World Cup twice in 1958 and 1962.

But the right winger is known as the “bent leg angel” he was born with a deformed spine and bent legs. He is responsible for some of the most unique player in Brazilian football history. His outstanding dribble skills are comparable to Bell’s success in the 1958 World Cup.

After Pellet was injured in defence in 1962, Garrincha almost mastered the second victory. It is not surprising that in the 232-point goal of the club’s team Botafogo’s 581 appearances, even if he has obvious shortcomings, he can still gain a heroic status. Garrincha is one of the Greatest Football Players in History.


Footballer Franz Beckenbauer:

The German legend was raided at his Austrian home at eight locations by Swiss federal prosecutors and England. Franz Beckenbauer was known as Kaiser (the emperor). Because of his commanding position on the court, Franz Beckenbauer led West Germany to win the 1972 European Championship. Also the 1974 World Cup. Bayern Munich won three European Cups and four Bundesliga titles. All-Star New York universe to three football bowls.

Although he initially began his career as a midfielder. Gained a high position when he switched to the fourth and invented the role of attacking the scavenger. His high-quality passing and unparalleled reading ability, making him the second European football players of the year. He also began to influence the game as a coach. In 1990, he hosted the World Cup with West Germany. From the rich football history of a country that owns such a Beckenbauer is still its best representative. Franz Beckenbauer is one of the Greatest Football Players in History.


Footballer Michel Platini:

French professional footballer Michel Platini, born on June 25, 1955, Joeuf, France. In 1973, Platini first made his debut with Nancy in France. He is a prolific foreman player and led the club to win the French Cup in 1978. He won the European Footballer of the Year award in 1983-85 and become the President of the European Football Team three times Association League (UEFA; 2007-16).

His reputation in the boardroom may now be terrible, but this should not affect Michel Platini’s genius in the field. The midfield organizer entered the great Pantheon by virtue of one of the most dominant performances in the history of international competitions. Scores 9 goals, twice leading the French team into their first major trophy in the 1984 European Championship.

As a member of their famous midfield Magic, Platini also helped Les Bleus to reach the World Cup semi-finals twice in a row. He maintains their highest goal scorer in the past 20 years. His strength in front of the goal, smart passing skills and dead ball skills are all regular shows off’s.

He won the league championships with Nancy, St. Etienne and Juventus, and also won the European Cup, Champions League and Italian Cup, and scored 224 goals in the process. Even Zidane admitted that Platini was the man he chose to emulate on the playground. Michel Platini is one of the Greatest Football Players in History.

Top Richest Football Players

Footballer Gerd Muller:

Gerd Muller is the greatest pure striker in the world. His technical ability is not lofty. German footballer Gerd Muller has the special ability to make the goal at the right time with perfection. Most of the players can’t do like him. Geld muller is not the flashiest striker but he did most amazing goals in six yards. The legend of Bayern Munich received a total of 556 passes in his career. Which includes 365 in the Bundesliga and 68 in West Germany.

Gerd Muller scored 10 goals in the 1970 World Cup, won the Golden Boot Award. This added another 4 in the 1974 Championship, including the championship in the finals, and won the 1972 Euros. He is the most convincing best kicker. His unstoppable presence in front of the goal also helped him win four league titles and three European Cup. All these titles in the clubs and championships in the 1970s. His teammate Franz Beckenbauer later admitted that everything that Bayern did was attributed to the muller. Gerd Muller is one of the Greatest Football Players in History.

Greatest Football Players in History, Football history:

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