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Top 10 Facts about Elon Musk
Top 10 Facts about Elon Musk

Top 10 Facts about Elon Musk: Founder and CEO of Space X+Tesla Motors

Top 10 Facts about Elon Musk: Elon Reeve Musk is a famous name and does not need any introduction. Musk is a world-famous Billionaire and an Entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of Space-X and CEO of Tesla Motors. Both brands in his hands making him 21st most powerful peoples in the world according to Forbes 2016 report.

This is not enough of Musk, he brings another company to live called (Open-AI) Neutralink. Earlier this year Elon Musk shocked the world after the Space-X success launching of Falcon’s gravity. Which is mind-blowing most powerful rocket mankind ever build? Making the Surprise double for peoples, Musk’s Falcon’s also launched with the Tesla Roadster sports car. Tesla becomes the world first car drive in space.

Elon Musk is a workaholic, passion and a man of Vision. Musk is also a popular figure on social media because he uses Twitter. To announce his cool inventions and express his opinions over 5 million followers on Instagram. He becomes one of the richest tech giant and the most prolific people in the field of technology.

He couldn’t stop until making his dream true. One of the statements of Elon Musk stated that the goals of SpaceX, Tesla and SolarCity revolved around his vision of changing the world and humanity. Here we compiled a list of Top 10 Facts about Elon Musk: Founder and CEO of Space X+Tesla Motors, also Known as visionary Man.



Top 10 Facts about Elon Musk:

1. Elon Musk wants to put computer chips in people’s Brain:

Top 10 Facts about Elon Musk

Musk launched another project called Neuralink and aims to provide human brains with implants that can be wirelessly connected to computers. According to Musk, who put forward this idea at the Conference two years ago, the technology is a “digital layer” on the cerebral cortex hopes that humans can resist the threat of artificial intelligence. Musk takes this threat seriously, by co-founding Open-AI in 2015.

A non-profit organization responsible for research to ensure that artificial intelligence does not destroy human life. Musk said that the technology will interweave computers and human brains together and call them “neural lace”. According to Elon Musk, With the continuous development of (A.I) artificial intelligence, the “neural lace” computer brain interface will become very important. Brain Chip is one of the Top 10 Facts about Elon Musk.


2. Space-X Planning to send 1-Million Peoples to Mars:

Musk’s vision is to support humanity by sending 1 million people to a new planet. His plan is to send the Mars mission every 26 months, and he hopes to send people on Mars from 2024 to 2025. Musk hopes to carry the first Martian explorer by saying this: If things are going according to plan, Musk said.

We should able to send people on Mars probably in 2024 with the arrival in the year 2025. As comparison Musk’s Mars plan is much faster than NASA, to send people on Mars. The CEO of Space-X already test the World’s Most Powerful Rocket FHR (Falcon Heavy Rocket). Sending peoples to Mars is one of the Top 10 Facts about Elon Musk.


3. Elon Musk builds World Powerfull Falcon Heavy Rocket:

Falcon Heavy Rocket is a large cargo lifting rocket developed by Space-X Elon Musk’s Company. This rocket was first launched on February 6, 2018, with Tesla Roadster Sports Car in Space, in an orbit around the sun for a long period of time. This is yet the powerful rocket ever made by humans with the most powerful booster.

Falcon Heavy Rocket flights Tesla sports car (with a dummy “Starman”) into space for a special mission. It is expected that this car rides in space for millions of years and then come back to earth. Musk’s plan to build an even bigger rocket for MARS exploration program called “Big Falcon Rocket” can carry cargo and Martians. Launching World’s Heavy Space Rocket is one of the Top 10 Facts about Elon Musk.


4. Musk’s Vision for Mars Colonization:

He said that the ultimate goal of Musk SpaceX is to colonize Mars “make the planets interspersed”. He also announced that he will be the first private citizen to open up space. Musk’s Mars colonization program revolves around Big Rocket, called “Big Falcon Rocket,” which took a 100-person spacecraft into orbit and can land on the surface vertically. He hopes to increase the possibility of human consciousness surviving in the universe even if Earth does not exist and that mar is the safest choice compared to other planets.

His long-term goal is to colonize the red planet. For the purpose, he plans two cargo BFR lands on MARS in 2022 and later two crewed in 2024, and combined four BFR are going to land on the surface of MARS. After the announcement of NASA SLS Rockets Perhaps Musk’s planning to use the experience of developing Falcon Heavy to make larger rockets, named the Big Falcon Rocket (BFR) for Mars exploration. Mars Colonization is one of the Top 10 Facts about Elon Musk.


5. Elon Musk participates in Arch Mission:

Top 10 Facts about Elon Musk

The “Arch Mission Library” storage devices Elon Musk send to space with “Falcon Heavy Space Rocket”. Along with its own Tesla Roadster Sports Car. The goal of Arch Mission Foundation is to permanently archive human knowledge from thousands of years to billions of years. This is a long-term visionary plan for data saving.

To preserve and disseminate human knowledge of time and space for the benefit of future generations. The Arch Mission Foundation’s quartz discs have Humans Knowledge include history, Species information, Internet and whole Wikipedia in tiny disks. For further information about the arc, mission go to www.archmission.org


6. Elon Musk is Comic Fanboy:

Elon Musk is also the fan of comics and science fiction. In particular to “Marvel’s X-Men”. He named “Tesla Motors” automated working robots, like Xavier. Iceman, Wolverine, Storm, Vulcan etc. Musk named one of his son’s Xavier from Comics. He is the big fan of Professor-X from X-Men. He is also a big “Star Wars” fan, his Falcon Heavy Rocket is named after the Millennium Falcon. Musk is Comics Fanboy is one of the Top 10 Facts about Elon Musk.


7. Elon Musk Tweet becomes real inform of The Boring Company:

Elon Musk founded a company based on an apparent Twitter joke, announced in 2016. Which is a venture capital company called The Boring Company, used to dig tunnels under traffic. Some peoples think it’s a joke, but The Boring Company is real and has completed the excavation of various tunnel section in Los Angeles, Baltimore and Chicago. Musk also hinted that underground infrastructure technology may be used for his project of creating a self-sustaining human colony on Mars: “I think being good at digging tunnels may really help Mars Colonization”. Bring Boring Company to Life is one of the Top 10 Facts about Elon Musk.


8. Elon Musk went bankrupt:

Although Tesla is now the crown in the technology automobile world, this is not always the case. In 2008, the company almost going to bankrupt, only hours late and then sudden funding save’s Tesla. On the other hand, Space-X having trouble with rocket launching which lost millions of dollars. In these days Musk living on personal loans. Later a contract from NASA is worth saving Space-X. Going Bankrupt and then emerge to the sky is one of the Top 10 Facts about Elon Musk.


9. Elon Musk is Real Life Inspiration for Iron Man2:

The “Iron Man2” film is based on Marvel’s comic book character. Before the shooting of second part of “Iron Man” the director Jon Favreau and Downey Jr discuss how to make Tony Stark character truly authentic for viewers to believe. Downey Jr. suggested Elon Musk, a real-life Tony Stark.

Robert Downey Jr. model Tony Stark followed by Elon Musk, founder of Space-X, Paypal, Zip2, and Solar City. In the Movie, “Iron Man2” SpaceX office was used as the shooting location, and even Elon Musk served as a guest character shot in this movie. Later the film’s director Jon Favreau said Elon was inspired by the role of Iron Man. Musk is Real Life IronMan Inspiration, this is one of the Top 10 Facts about Elon Musk.


10. Musk’s Electric Jet, Future Travel in Musk Rocket:

At the Adelaide International Space Conference held in Australia, SpaceX and Tesla’s chief executive announced that he plans reusable rockets for passengers transport from cities to cities around the world in minutes. The reusable rockets can bring people from earth to earth in less than an hour. He shared a video simulation of reusable passenger rocket boarding and landing on floating launch pads, from New York to Shanghai. Musk Visionary Electric Rock Plan that may be the future of transportation, is one of the Top 10 Facts about Elon Musk.

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Top 10 Facts about Elon Musk: Founder and CEO of Space X+Tesla Motors,

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