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Seven Star Hotels in the World | ftdfacts

Seven Star Hotels in the World: Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Seven Star Hotels in the World: Seven Star Hotels are the extraordinary luxury hotels. Offers fabulous innovative designs, world-class luxury and special facilities. These hotels are very luxurious with the most gorgeous and extravagant facilities you can imagine. You can experience this in the world’s most luxurious seven-star hotels and it costs. Luxury life is not just a matter of money, for people who used to enjoy life rather than money. This is the time when people are rich and wealthy and want to relax in luxury hotels, resorts and spas. Here is the list of Seven Star Hotels in the World who claim themselves as Seven Star.


Seven Star Hotels in the World: Dubai, Abu Dhabi

1. Burj Al-Arab – Dubai:

Seven Star Hotels in the World

It’s a say that Burj Al Arab (Tower of the Arabs) is one of the first Seven Star Hotels in the World. It is on the Palm artificial island (Jumeirah Beach). The shape of the Hotel is resembled to sail of the ship, inspired pretty much from the history of Dubai. The Royal Suite boasts the most magnificent décor, a towering four-poster canopy bed with marble and gold staircases. Every floor of Burj Al-Arab has its own reception and a Butler team for your assistance. The stylish outdoor terrace features two swimming pools. Include a seawater pool that seems to fit into the horizon, three cabins with butler and 120 luxury sunbeds.

At the same time, the hotel has golden columns, red cheeks and gold leaves (foils). There are almost 30 different types of marble and aquarium. Staying in Burj Al Arab is very expensive, make it clear in your mind. Burj Al Arab has 28 floors that can accommodate 202 bedroom suites. The Hotel “luxurious and irresistible atmosphere make each guest feel like a celebrity or billionaire”.

This 7 star hotel dubai cost per night in Royal Suite is $24000 USD.


2. Morgon Plaza (Pangu) – Beijing:

Seven Star Hotels in the World

From the title, Morgan Plaza is one of the second Seven Star Hotels in the World. It is also known as the Pangu. The most interesting thing about this Hotel is that it is close to the World fourth largest library. It has great views of Beijing because it is Situated near the Beijing Olympic area. This is the complex Building on the busiest area in Beijing. The reason for being famous that it is close to National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) and the National Aquatics. The Hotel occupies the “first place” of “Pangu” consists of two pavilions. Temple and a Japanese restaurant and a 600-meter-long corridor.

It was Designed by a famous world-renowned Taiwanese architect C.Y. Lee’s. This hotel uses Chinese post-modern style and appearance that makes this the luxurious Chinese 7 Star Hotel in the World. Pangu has 234 rooms that blend Chinese classical traditions with contemporary European charm. According to 2018 update standard rooms are reasonably priced at $289 USD per night. For an ultimate luxury experience in Beijing, Sky Courtyard is best.

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3. Town House Galleria (Milan) – Italy:

Seven Star Hotels in the World

The only true seven-star hotel in Europe is Seven Star Plaza in Milan fashion capital. Owner of this Hotel hires a company to create a European Hotel ranking. By doing this they officially win the title of Seven Star Hotel. This Hotel is most special with personalized service and fascinating architecture. In addition to the spectacular central dome, all rooms in this hotel are different from each other. As each room was designed to admire the famous La Scala opera musician. Town House Galleria is one of the third Seven Star Hotels in the World.

It is located above the Prada luxury store in the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery in Milan. As the hotel’s private elevator directly takes you to Vittorio Emanuele, Italy’s oldest and most spectacular shopping mall. This hotel offers butler service for every guest in this Hotel. They are responsible for providing you with everything you prefer with any information you need. There are only 20 rooms in this Hotel considering it the most unique hotel on this list, make you very lucky to get a room here.

In addition to personalized 24-hour service, the suites are 160 square meters in size. The price per suite ranges from 700 to 10,000 euros per night which are 1500 AUD.


4. Palms Casino Resort (Nevada) – Las Vegas:

Seven Star Hotels in the World

This hotel and casino boast 653 affluent rooms, no more than 800 square meters. This is more expensive than the Sky Villa Resort on the 6th floor. The cost is 35,450 USD. In term of design and style, elegant fusion of modern and retro. Its facilities such as poker tables, lively artwork and an indoor swimming pool make it the first choice for the rich. Actually, this hotel is famous for its excellent nightlife. Palms Nevada is one of the fourth Seven Star Hotels in the World:


5. Emirates Palace Hotel – Abu Dhabi:

Seven Star Hotels in the World

Emirates Palace Hotel is one of the world’s most expensive Seven Star Hotels. Build cost of approximately $3 billion USD. Emirates Palace has 394 rooms and suites and has a 1.3 kilometres private beach. They imported marble from 13 different countries and more than 1,000 crystal chandeliers and 12 outdoor fountains. There are gold vending machines, 128 kitchens, 40 meeting rooms, and more than Dozens of pools, fountains and luxury spas. This luxurious hotel offers Arabian style and the latest technology and 85 hectares of private gardens.

It is one of the best hotels in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Actually, it becomes a symbol of the city with its remarkable architecture. It has the most prestigious marina development in the Middle East. In addition to the Emirates Palace, it has a unique spa and luxury boutiques. Equipped with enough modern facilities like a luxury marina, high-end fitness centre, for guests.

Speaking of Price The Emirates Palace Hotel. Per night cost is starting at a reasonable $355 USD with The royal family like feasts.


6. ISquare Hotel (Orlando) – Florida:

Seven Star Hotels in the World

The Seven Star Hotel “ISquare” is actually the two large hotels. One of which provide seven-star facilities. It’s 500 rooms provides good facilities than 100 rooms in the Capella Hotel. These two hotels are managed by Capella Hotels, a new ultra-luxury hotel group that caters to high-end business. Capella Hotels and Blackmine Group are both the developers of this $300-400 million ISquare Mall + Hotel project.

Their plan is to have a Solis brand hotel which is reliable, luxurious and of high quality. This seven-star Hotel iSquare will be the hotel offers its guests quite extra facilities. Melia Orlando Hotel is located in Celebration, just 4 km from Walt Disney World. Large wavy glass surrounds the HKS design tower.


7. Full Moon Hotel – Azerbaijan:

Seven Star Hotels in the World

This 521-foot-tall hotel will come to Baku, Azerbaijan, with the sparkling futuristic design. The Full Moon Hotel has a unique viewing angle depending on viewing. The booming Azerbaijanis are trying to snatch Dubai Crown of the architectural giant in the modern world. Azerbaijan is getting in the race of Skyscrapers buildings, flame towers and hotels from outer space. The design of a full moon hotel is look alike thousands of hexagonal honeycombs at one side. These designs making a change from traditional high-rises to futuristic look.

The Designers of Full Moon Hotel are the Korean’s. The same Korean construction company Heerim Architects who won the international competition in developing of Hotel Crescent. Azerbaijan’s many designers accepting creative designs will provide a huge advantage for their country’s development. The interior of The Full Moon is decorated spacious and luxurious. It has 382 rooms of 104182 square meters of space.

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Seven Star Hotels in the World: Dubai, Abu Dhabi:

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