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Meg 2018
Meg 2018

Meg 2018

Meg 2018: A former Naval captain and an expert diver namely Jonas Taylor are recruited for a deep-sea mission to rescue the Chinese scientists under attack from the 70-foot white shark is called Carcharodon megalodon.

Meg 2018:

The Meg 2018 Trailer:

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The Meg 2018 Star Cast:

1=Jason Statham:

Jason Statham is an actor and model. Famous for movies Transporter, Fast and Furious series, Expendables series and Mechanic Resurrection. His movies Stock, Snatch, Two Smoking Barrels, Spy, The Italian Job, Viva La Madness (TV), War, Crank, Wild Card, War, , The Bank Job, Homefront, Redemption, Parker, Safe, Killer Elite, Blitz, Gnomeo & Juliet, Crank High Voltage, The Bank Job, In the Name of the King, The Pink Panther, Revolver, London, Snatch, Chaos, Cellular, Collateral, Mean Machine, The One, Ghosts of Mars, Death Race and The Meg 2018.


2=Li Bingbing

Li Bingbing is an actress, singer, and a model. She is famous for movies Transformers Age of Extinction, Resident Evil Retribution, and The Forbidden Kingdom. Her movies Detective Dee, A World Without Thieves, Snow Girl, and the Dark Crystal. The Knot, I Do, Waiting Alone, Guardians of the Tomb, The Message, Detective Dee Mystery of the Phantom. Snow Flower and the Secret, Showtime, Linger, Dragon Squad, Taiji Prodigy (TV). Purple Butterfly, Cat, and Mouse, The Young Detective (TV). Love for All Seasons, Silver Hawk and The Meg 2018.


3=Jessica McNamee

Jessica McNamee is an actress. She is famous for the movies like Battle of the Sexes, Chips and The Vow. Her movies Locusts, Sirens (TV), Battle of the Sexes, Primal Fears, Six Feet Over, No Love, Battle of the Sexes, Centre of the Universe, Simple Needs, Under, Balls, The Dream,  Reality Checks, The Choice, The Time of Our Lives (TV), Shoot the Moon, Charbroiled, Negotiation, Scruples (TV), The Family Tree, Packing Up the Rafters, The Loved Ones, Rites of Passage, The Neighbor and The Meg 2018.


4=Ruby Rose:

Ruby Rose is an actress, model, DJ, and former MTV VJ. Famous for TV series Orange Is the New Black, Suite and XXX Return of Xander Cage. Her movies Resident Evil The Final Chapter, xXx: Return of Xander Cage, John Wick, Pitch Perfect 3 (TV), Batwoman (TV), Tourism Australia, Dundee, Piece of Shit, Titin and a Hairpin, Don’t Make Me Come Back There, Trust No Bitch, Sheep & Wolves, Byanka, Dark Matter (TV), Wendy the Android, Around the Block, Mr & Mrs. Murder (TV), We Can Be Heroes and The Meg.


5=Rainn Wilson:

Rainn Wilson is an actor, comedian and fiction writer and a producer. He is known for TV series The Office, Adventure Time and My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Wilson’s movies Come Along With Me, Robodog, Almost Famous, Full Frontal and House of 1000 Corpses, Reboot, Nemesis, Rattleballs, Star Trek (TV), Thom Permanent, Smurfs The Lost Village, Shimmer Lake, Army of One, Roadies (TV), Backstrom (TV), The Boy, The Stream, Cooties, Paper Airplane, The Farm (TV), CollegeHumor Originals (TV), Robin Williams and The Meg 2018.

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The Meg 2018 Crew:

Meg 2018

1=Jon Turteltaub:

Jon Turteltaub is a director and producer. He has produced many successful films for the Walt Disney Studios, such as 3 Ninja, Cool Run, Sleeping, Phenomenon, Instinct, Disney Kids, National Treasure, and Sequel National Treasure: The Book of Secrets and Apprentices. Turteltaub also produced a CBS TV series called Jericho.


2=Lorenzo di Bonaventura:

Lorenzo di Bonaventura is a producer and his company’s founder is Di Bonaventura Pictures. He is also known for making the Transformers movie series.


3=Dean Georgaris:

Dean Georgaris is a writer and producer. He is known for films such as Paycheck, The Brave, and The Manchurian Candidate.


4=Harry Gregson-Williams:

Harry Gregson – Williams is a music composer, orchestral performer, conductor, and music producer. He also writes for television and movies, such as the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the origins of the X-Men: Wolverine, the Martians, and the Shrek franchise. Gregson also created music for several video games and series, just like Metal Gear 2: The Son of Liberty and The Meg.

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Meg 2018




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