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Who Invented the Airplane
Who Invented the Airplane

Who Invented the Airplane: Wright Brothers Facts you need to know

Who Invented the Airplane: The first Airplane was invented by two Americans known by the Wright brothers, Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright. The Wright brothers invented and drove the first aircraft in 1903. Here is the fact you need to know about, Who Invented the Airplane.

Wilbur was was the big brother born on 16  April 1867, while Orville born on April 16, 1867. Both brothers are engineers and inventors they built and flew the world’s first successful Airplane. They were the first who invent an aircraft control system that could achieve fixed-wing power flight.


Who Invented the Airplane: Facts you need to know,

Wright Brothers’ Early Life and Work:

Who Invented the Airplane

Wright brothers were two among the seven wright children. An engineer, aviators, and inventors. Both brothers had gone to high school but did not get a diploma. Wilbur was awarded his diploma on April 16, 1994, after his death.

In 1889 Orville left high school in his third year. To begin his career in printing press business with the help of Wilbur. In the beginning, they start publishing a weekly newspaper called (West Side News) later becomes the daily Newspaper.

In December 1892, both brothers opened a repair and sales store with the name of (Wright Cycle Exchange). Later they decided to begin manufacturing cycles with their own brand (Wright Cycle Company) in 1896.


Airplane Invention:

Who Invented the Airplane

The Wright brothers are interested in Airplanes from their childhood toy helicopter brought by their father. Made of paper, bamboo and cork, and it is about a foot long. They are not the only ones who are trying to build an Airplane.

In the mid-1890s, they saw articles in the newspaper of the dramatic gliding of Otto Lilienthal in Germany. After this, they decided to use their efforts to fund their interest in flying.

In May 1896, Samuel Langley drove a steam-driven Unmanned fixed-wing model aircraft. In the middle of the same year, Chicago engineer Octave Chanute test different types of gliders on the sand dunes along Lake Michigan.

Later in the same year, Lilienthal’s glider was killed in the crash of his glider. This incident demonstrates the interest of the Wright brothers in flight research. From the Smithsonian Institution research on aeronautics, Wright brothers started their mechanical, aeronautical experiments.


Start Gliding:

The fate of Lilienthal, the Wright brothers agrees with his strategies to practice gliding and master the art of control before attempting a maneuver. The Wright brothers designed their kites and full-size gliders based on work done by other aviation pioneers in the 1890s.

They used the basic design of the Chanute-Herring biplane hang glider called (double layer glider). Which flew well in the 1896 experiment near Chicago and used the aeronautical data from the research of German glider Otto Lilienthal.

They conducted a wing-wrapping test by constructing and suspending a 5-foot (1.5-meter) two-wing kite. When the wing is warped or twisted, one end of the wing produces more lift and the other end produces less lift.

Their work based on the experiences, of Sir George Cayley, Lilienthal, Langley, and Leonardo da Vinci. Wright brothers worked on many different shades, and most of their models did not have an engine. Wright brothers built their first Gasoline engine in 1903 in their bicycle shop.


First Flight:

On December 1903, Wright Brother took their successful first flight in Flyer I. Five people were witnesses to their flight. For the first flight, Orville was recorded at 10:35 am, 120 feet (37 meters) in 12 seconds, and covered only 6.8 miles. Orville made his first flight and Wilbur took the second flight.

In 1985 Professor Fred E.C and Professor Henry R. Jex demonstrate that the 1903 Wright brothers Flyer I was very unstable and were almost unmanageable except for training on a glider in 1902.

Later both Wright brothers responded to the media in January 1904. Their statements did not encourage any publicity. But the Brothers were never stopped experimenting and built Flyer II and Flayer III.

The Flyer III with several modifications finally achieved (longer distance flights) by Wilbur. Ranging from 17 to 38 minutes covers 39 kilometres, around the three-quarter mile course over Huffman Prairie between September 26 and October 5. Wright brothers made their longest flight of 24.5 miles (39.4 km) in 38 minutes with the safe landing.

In 1906, the Dayton newspaper will proudly celebrate the hometown of the Wright brothers as a national hero. Then from 1906 to 1907, the Wright brothers had no flight at all. They took the time to try to convince the US and European governments that they invented a successful aircraft and were ready to negotiate a contract to sell the machine.


Airplane Manufacturing Company:

After the first flight of the Wright brothers in France in 1908, Archdeacon publicly admitted that they had done something Amazing. In 1909 The brothers sell their patents to the company for $100,000 and also received one-third of the shares issued per million dollars and a 10% royalties per Aircraft.

Both Wright brothers set up the Airplane Manufacturing Company, in which Wilbur served as president, while Orville served as the vice president. In Dayton, they also set up a flight school (test field) in the Hoffman Prairie Ohio.

In the 100th anniversary of the event on 17 December 2003. Kevin Kochersberger drove an exact replica Airplane but failed in his effort to match the success of the Wright brothers.

Who Invented the Airplane: Facts you need to know:

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