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Halsey endometriosis
Halsey endometriosis

Halsey endometriosis: She won’t hide endometriosis pain

Halsey endometriosis: The 23-year-old singer Halsey has been fighting medical condition. This condition let to the growth of the tissue layer that usually covers the interior of the uterus. This is for some time, but she insisted on asking her to speak out and share the “reality” of living under conditions.


Halsey endometriosis: She won’t hide endometriosis pain:

She said: “I can’t pretend anymore. I can’t pretend because I’m a popular artist. I’m on tour. Everything is perfect. Everything is fine. My skin is always good. I always fit and I The costume are always perfect.

“Sometimes I’m bloated, I’m taking IV treatment, I’m sick, I’m taking medication, and I’m in the background, afraid I’ll bleed through my clothes in the middle of my show. It’s reality.

Now or never’ strikers want to raise awareness of the prevalence of endometriosis and the “normalized conversation” around it.


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Speaking of Condition:

Speaking at the Endometriosis Foundation of the 9th Annual Feast of the United States. She added: “Genitalia is not something people want to talk about. It is considered a taboo. When I grow up – I Knowing for me – Periods are always these hidden things.

When you used high-grade sanitary napkins to put your sleeves into the bathroom, God forbids anyone to see it. So people are not really open to the pain, they worry that people will belittle them.

“I’m trying to normalize the conversation and say, ‘You can talk about reproductive diseases. It doesn’t make you weak. It will make you strong. You should feel proud and voice.’ And the more you talk about it, the more you A friend who may help you, they may not know they have this because they may also be afraid to talk about it. “

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