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GTA 6 is 4K and VR compatible, News, Rumors and Release Date

GTA 6 is the next Series confirmed by Rockstar Games and it’s expected to be released between 2020 and 2022. It is expected that the game will show one of the following locations in its map is the entire United States, Colombia’s capital, Bogota, Las Vegas, Nevada, Miami, or a combination of previous Grand Theft Auto game maps into a huge environment. There are rumours that the game story model may be the protagonist female heroine.

GTA 6 is 4K and VR compatible:

We do not know almost about GTA 6, but reports show that it is already in production already a recent leak felt that an actor made his GTA-6 movement on his resume. The job is recorded, but afterwards, it got a hack. The destruction of fans now we will be back in square one with very focused and small concrete information.

GTA 6 Fact:

Thus, we have not confirmed that Rockstar Grand theft Auto Franchise is also thinking about starting on the fourth episode of GTA 6, and the recent changes have started in the re-start of actors scam.

GTA 6 Release Date:

According to some reports, we can wait for the next Grand Theft Auto by 2020, which can be understood. Game From the start of regular content updating in September 2013, Rockstar has supported several GTA 5 components, GTA online. If Red Redemption 2 is online in any way with the online ingredients GTA online, no doubt Rockstar will be busy for a few years.

GTA 6 News:

What we know about GTA 6 is actually in development, even if it Is in the Intermediate Phase. Rockstar President Leslie Benzies teased the game in an interview with the develop magazine in 2013.


In the interview, Benzies said, We do not know what GTA 6 will be, but we have some ideas. Well, so it Is not much, but it Is definitely a piece of solid information directly from the source.

The flow at Rockstar on Benzies went to talk about getting creative juice. “We have 45 years of view that we want,” he added. “We will make the right choice.” “It comes from the first point of view. This is the first question to set up. Then it describes the mission; You are doing things in LA more than New York or Miami.

Maps and stories are working together, and the story is a basic flow that works so that you can take this mission. The rockets are just happy to have many ideas for what to do with GTA. We hope that it transforms them into a systematic system and makes this game sharp.

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GTA 6 Trailer:

The thing about Rockstar’s game is that it is incredibly secretive. This game does not get any trailer from the studio unless anyone is seriously scared. Just look at the Rockstar was rid of both GTA 5 and Red Redemption 2. They announced something before leaving the first trailer for any game. If you have a GTA 6 trailer, you will know about it; the Internet will explode.

GTA 6 Map:

Although there is no concrete report yet, every online discussion and juicy gossip Nursel is pointing to the GTA 6. It has massive maps. We are not talking largely on the scale of the city, we are likely to talk to the United States’s large scale. Some rumours believe that GTA 6 can eliminate the spread of the entire United States because it is a kind of television system that is less time to travel between cities.


But there is another rumour that has the power of collecting. Which is that the GTA 6 will be placed closer to a linking setting near the British home of rocket games.

Real star sports co-founder Dan Hower started a report with a comment: At this time, it looks like GTA DNA is a modern society, American English, speaking language because it is … but It is not necessary to limit them. This is what we have done so far. Sources of Rockstar play say that London is the only non-American place to set up as a non-potential GTA setting.

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For our money, we think the return of Vice City is on the card, which will be included in the above mentioned military settings. GTA 3 disputes were established in three places, Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas. He was originally connected with the Grand Stolen Auto Games, which was set in the same three places. Vice City is the only place to find recent games, meaning that the most recent Grand Stolen Auto Games, GTA 4 and GTA 5, have yet been set up in Liberty City and San Andreas.

GTA 6 Rumors:

Rumours of female protagonist Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling are super exciting, but there’s more. Apparently, Eva Mendez is top of Rockstar’s list for playing said hero. But still more. There is also a male lead on this list and it is none more than the global heart-throb Ryan Gosling, which is only to be her real-life husband.

When asked for female women for a GTA 5, instead of three male heroes (or anti-heroes), co-founder and rock writer Don Rocker in an interview with Guardian in 2013 said that women’s leadership Was not really The table, but not deliberately.

We did not really think about it, Housing said. It is not to say we can not or we can not. This character has come to us, it was not, We got X and Y so we need Z. We were not trying to check it – I do not think it’ll give you anything that’s connected to. ” In the future, can we play with the lady lead? Of course, we could not find the right game for him yet, but this is one thing that we always think about.

GTA 6 Update’s 2018:

In a remarkable turnout, the GTA fan has found at least one image. Which proves that the actor/stuntman team Nef team is really included with Rockstar and Red Dead Reduction 2. GTA 6 appears to be well into development from Rockstar games. At least if you believe in the CV of Stuntman and motion capture actor. Tim Neff which was discovered last night to contain work for Grand Theft Auto 6.


This was first spotted on GTA forums with Neff’s Stunt resume clearly mentioning motion capture work for both GTA 6 and Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar Sports and Publisher Take-Two Interactive has not given any indication. That a new Grand Theft Auto game is in progress, with the majority of the studio likely hard at work on Red Redemption 2. Because of the reason, which is the release date of Red Redemption 2 in 2018.


Game Features and Look:

This game was not natural, but certainly, with the right themes for the right game. In the future, it can be great. But for GTA, it was an organic thing that came in, there are such characters that will be displayed. Themes we think The fun has long been a grand-stolen auto game for a female hero. Generally, the rumour is that.

Time Travel & Future twists Possible in GTA 6:

Some of the rumours of the journey are also a big part of the game. A serious big map is an advantage for GTA 6. Seriously it is not a reference to the narrative that we are talking about it. It appears that GTA 6 future may be a turning point. According to a report by the Christian television, the fact is that the game will give time to taste of time travel. “where television is possible in a split second world”.

Player Character and Specs:

Play as a police officer or criminal character are another possibilities for the GTA 6. The Story is that it is up to you. Are you determined to be a police officer or a criminal? Or if the GTA 6 accepts several major features of the GTA 5. Then you play a role, one of which can be the police.


VR with 4k Graphics Features:

Full support for virtual reality and 4k is Another GTA 6 rumour relates to virtual reality, and according to online rumours, you may be able to play the entire contents of GTA 6 in VR. Rockstar revealed that GTA will soon add new options for players to participate in the storyline. Now you can play games on PlayStation with a VR headset. Which means if you really want to, you can immerse yourself in the GTA world and the storyline. Possible this Game requirements are GTX 1060 GPU’s because GTX 1060 supports VR Games. Although with More realistic features, the game is generally very close to what you can imagine. In fact, for Rockstar, there are still some people who think it is even more so. Now, in the upgraded version, the previously destroyed buildings will be rebuilt in real time, construction workers and so on.

We just wait for GTA 6 Release.

GTA 6 is 4K and VR compatible, News, Rumors and Release Date:

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