Areola Reduction Complete Guide for beginners - Advantages and Risks

Areola Reduction

Areola Reduction is the process of reducing the large areola, the wide pigmented area surrounded the skin of your nipples. Which makes your breast look discolored, turn skin darken, stretched and lengthy. Having a large areola is completely natural, but if you are concerned about your looks and physique of your nipples then surgery can make your areola looks small and make your chest completely symmetrical.

Areola growth is common in both males and females. The Areola Reduction surgery is the savior for big nipples and large Areola. Which includes breast augmentation, breast lifting, and breast reduction. Alongside advantages make your nipples small and tighten with the reduction of the large areola.

Whether it is because of pregnancy, breastfeeding, the gain of weight or loss of weight. Areola reduction is the procedure to make your chest beautiful again. Areola surgery is a relatively simple and quick way to reduce the diameter of one or both of your chests areolas.

Areola Reduction

As we describe earlier Areola Reduction is an option for both men and women, who are uncomfortable with their large breasts areolas. Want to reduce the size of bulky and saggy breasts at the same time with the reduction of huge and distorted areolas. This all will be fixed with the reduction of areola surgery, and most of the patients are undergoing multiple options with the reduction of their lengthy breasts, large areola, and make breast tight and fancy.

Areola Reduction procedure works well and improves your overall appearance more gentle and confident. Conditions like gaining a significant amount of weight or weight loss make your nipple's areola stretched and make wide colored pigments proportionate to the rest of the breast. Hopefully, this condition can fix with the help of an areola reduction procedure.

Areola Reduction Surgery

Areola Reduction Surgery is ideal for peoples with very big areola and figure disorders with their saggy breasts and large aerosols around their whole chest. It can be the result of pregnancy, and other physical changes occurred by weight loss or gain, trauma, and genetics. Other people conditions with puffy or protruding areolas and asymmetrical areolas can reduce with the areola reduction surgery.

Performing the Areola Reduction Surgery will choose you to live a new figure with an asymmetric chest you appeal for more attractive looks. This can improve your self-image, build confidence and reduce anxiety about your body with a slimmer and tight chest.

For women, areola reduction surgery only performs on full-grown breasts or mature adults with a complete grown chest. Teenage Girls can't perform Areola Reduction due to the chances of damaging the breastfeeding inability and nipple sensitivity.

Due to these reasons doctors and plastic surgeons suggest to wait until the three years after the menarche. But most of the teenagers can not bear the burden of depression, shoulder pain, low self-esteem, and undesired attention. The more common issue is facing difficulty in finding fit dresses.

While on the other side Adolescent males may perform this procedure at an early age. Although for fewer complications and better results, it is recommended to take advice from a doctor and find a specialist surgeon to perform surgery.

What happens during areola reduction surgery?

Areola Reduction Surgery is a result of many reasons, such as trauma, genetics, drooping areolas, stretched and puffy areolas and the unsymmetrical appearance of the chest. Other reasons include large breasts liability as macromastia, emotional discomforts, mental health, body image. Most of the cases occur with adolescents, teenage girls with self-esteem problems.

In surgery operation, your surgeon makes an incision with the perimeter of your areola. Remove any extra tissues and reshape the areola with a permanent suture inside your breast. Then incision mostly with dissolvable stitches. Apply a bandage and you may need to wear a special post-surgical bra. After the procedure doctor provides you local anesthesia, so you’ll be able to go home. But you will be monitored for a few hours before being released to your family.

The only complicated surgery face by those who are overweight. This may lead to some health risks, such as losing the breastfeeding functions and sensitivity across the breast. And mostly occurred issue is delaying in wound healing and cause some scars and unsatisfactory with the results.

Although the decision making is upto you, whether you want it or not.
An areola reduction is a quick and simple procedure but with some complications for overweighted persons and adolescents girls. But at the right time, it can improve your self-imaging, provide better looks and help to reduce anxiety about your body.

How much cost?

The cost of the surgery is dependent on your region and requirements. Only reducing the size of the areola is less time-consuming. But the procedure is not limited to the reduction of the areola, you can literally change the shape of your nipples. Lift nipple upward, tighten the skin to look more prominent. Other changes may also be applying to your requirements, like shaping the chest or correcting the nipple diameter can cost more. Anyway, this is not a cheap solution but effective for more attractive looks.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Areola Reduction:

  • Make an Attractive appearance of your body with the correction of nipples and reducing the size of the areolas.
  • Reduce load form your chest, provide better posture and make an attractive appearance with your lifelong partner for a happy life.
  • Surgery is not huge and consumes less time in recovery. Remove the sagginess of nipples and make them tight like new.
  • Surgery can modify the areola shape, size and the location of the areola to the most prominent position.

 Cons of Areola Reduction:

  • For women breast reduction can cause issues with breastfeeding. It can reduce the milk supply with many factors like glandular glands and milk carrying nerves have been cut. It totally depends upon the surgical precautions for the breastfeeding essential nerves.
  • Areola Surgery may leave some pattern scars on your nipples where it cut and patch for surgery. This may be a deal-breaker for some peoples but scars removed with time and precautions.


An Areola reduction is a surgery that has many benefits and disbenefits. Benefits are tight breasts, small areola with the re-central nipples. Even men can benefit from surgery to make their bumpy chests symmetrical and attractive. Disbenefits only for women, both young and mature who undergo surgery may face some issues regarding their nipple's sensations and breastfeeding. Fat peoples can face some heavy scars with delay wound healing.

But with all these issues celebrities are famous for nipples and areola reduction surgeries all over the world. Take advantage o their looks and body attractiveness to make their career more successful and prominent. There aren’t many alternatives rather than surgery. However, you can use injectable filters for your nipple's posture to look more sturdy and less jiggly. This will be your support for your large breast. Anyways, the choice is yours, so make more research and consult your doctor for the procedure. Thanks for visiting.