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10 Interesting Facts about Wind Power
10 Interesting Facts about Wind Power

10 Interesting Facts about Wind Power, Electricity

10 Interesting Facts about Wind Power: Wind power is an alternative source of electricity and energy. This is a very old technology. It is not very popular, but it is environmentally friendly. Here are the 10 Interesting Facts about Wind Power.


10 Interesting Facts about Wind Power:

1- No Pollution:

One of the main benefits of wind power is that it does not produce environmental pollution. The machine can only produce biochemicals that can be easily removed.


2- Energy Production:

Wind power technology can produce a sufficient amount of energy. A large wind turbine containing 200 feet tall tower which can support giant 3 blades. These blades are of 100 feet in diameter. They can produce electricity for a minimum 200 homes.


3- Limitations:

These wind turbines can only work in areas where there is sufficient wind speed. Ideal conditions should have a minimum of 8 mph wind speed. This is 18-20 hours a day.


4- Low Maintenance:

Wind turbines require very low maintenance costs. Normal wear is very low. The quality of the gearbox is very high.  In addition to motor maintenance. All of the components were design to keep it running smoothly.


5- Range:

Wind power is produced in Germany, the United States, Spain and Denmark. All these countries generate electricity from wind power.


6- 2000 years old:

They first developed in Persia and China. Ancient people used wind to come to different places, and farmers used it to pump water and grind grains.


7- Modern Mchine:

Word first Wind Turbine was used in 1941. It is designed by Smith- Putnam who connect the wind turbine with the local distribution system. It ran for 1,100 hours before the blade failed. The turbine wasn’t fixed due to wartime and material shortages? It’s the biggest wind turbine until 1979.


8- Larget Wind Turbine:

World Largest Wind Turbine is in Hawaii USA. It stands 20 stories high and has the length of a blade football pitch.

9- Save Water:

Wind Power does not use any water. There is no need for water in Wind Turbine. By 2030, the United States expects wind power to save 30 trillion bottles of water.


10- Founder of Wind Turbine:

The founder of Wind Turbine is Albert Betz. He was a German physicist and the pioneer of wind turbine technology. Hee discovered wind energy theory and published his book ‘Wind-Energie’, n 1919’s.

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10 Interesting Facts about Wind Power:

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