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Facts about USA
Facts about USA

10 Interesting Facts about USA You Don’t Know

Facts about USA: What you think about the USA? Most of Americans may surprise by some facts about their own country. Here is the list of 10 Interesting Facts About USA.


10 Interesting Facts about USA:

1- World’s largest economy:

Facts about USA

The United States has the largest economy in the world. The US economy is about 25% of the world-renowned GDP.
The economy of America is attributed to the large population of the country. The United States is an economic superpower with advanced technology and infrastructure and abundant natural resources.


2- USA Invented Internet:

Facts about USA

In the 1960s, the US military worried that the Soviet Union was becoming more technologically modernized. For the purpose, U.S Military creates a communication system called (ARPAnet). It helps to transfer information in the world without any wires.

This tech helps in many emergency cases like preventing the nuclear attack. Mainly this is for communication purposes if the Soviet Union destroy the telephone lines.


3- Alaska has the longest coastline of any state:

Facts about USA

The Alaska state of America has the longest coast compared to any other state. Alaska’s coast reaches 6,640 miles and has an edge of approximately 33,904 miles. It includes the islands and bays. Alaska tidal shoreline is 47, 300 miles, combined with islands, bays, and inlets.


4- Out of every 8 Americans work for McDonald’s:

Facts about USA

McDonald is among the biggest employees holder in the country. Fast food nation believes that one of every eight American,s working or be the employee at some point in McDonald’s. Due to this McDonald has also got famous celebrities when they were not famous.


5- USA has no official language:

Facts about USA

Practically, the USA national language is English. At the federal level, there is no official language of the USA. The U.S naturalization law requires English as institutional language. The United States has many languages. Spanish is the second most common language in the country after English.


6- USA uses 18% of the world energy:

Facts about USA

According to the 2014 data of energy consumption., The total energy consumption of the world was 539 quadrillion. The British thermal units (Btu) and the US used approximately 98 quadrillions (BTU).

The amount is 18% equal to the total energy consumption of the world. The country’s energy consumption is considered unusual.


7- USA capital was originally New York City:

Facts about USA

New York City was the first capital of the USA. New York City served as the capital city of the country for five years between 1785 and 1790. The city played an important role in the formation of the new Government. Which ends the war between the British Government and the Paris Treaty.

New York City was the main port of entry for many immigrants and their cultural and economic influence. Make it one of the most important urban area in the United States and the world.


8- Pizza and American’s:

Facts about USA

Pizza is the new fast food trend for Americans. In America, Pizza surpasses the Burger as the country’s favourite fast food. Pizza Trade Organization in the U.S serves about 100 acres of pizza each day. Teenagers love to eat pizza than the  people of almost every age group in the country.

According to the Department of Agriculture, about 13 percent of Americans eat pizza on any given day. Americans tend to be more satisfied with Pizza than burgers by the US Customer Satisfaction Index.


9- USA flag:

Robert G.Heft is the original designer of America Flag. Robert creates the American flag with (50 stars) as a High school project in 1958. He got B in his project.

His teacher Stanley Prat promise to change grades if the project accepts by U.S Congress. Later his design was not just accepted but was also adopted by the 1959 presidential announcement.


10- State of Nevada owned by the USA:

Facts about USA

The U.S. government own,s a large part of the land in the state of Nevada. About 80% of the land, to be exact. Wildlife Services like wildlife restoration, forests, national parks protect this Land. The state’s public lands range from vast deserts, towns to isolated ranches, mountain ranges and more.

10 Interesting Facts about USA:

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