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Top 5 Best Football Strikers in the World, 2018|FTD Facts|

Top 5 Best Football Strikers: Best in the World

Best Football Strikers: They are called the Best Football Strikers. Because they have the ability to deprive the defence and use defenders. They are usually the fastest football players.  Control the football like have spillover capabilities.

They make sport blind to get the ball into the right position to make perfect Goals. The best football strikers should have the ability to shoot without hesitation. And this is the ability in every striker we choose in ower Top 5 Best Football Strikers: Defenders in the World.

They use their feet to move football like a blink of an eye. Flexible enough to avoid their opponents on the court. Here why they are known as the best football strikers.

Top 5 Best Football Strikers: Best in the World:

1. Lionel Messi (Argentina, Barcelona):

Argentina’s global footballer and prominent Barcelona Striker Messi are ranked first on our list. At the age of 29, he deserves to be praised and proposed. All this is other aspects of his career. Messi has always changed the world of football, reshaping the route we think the goal can score.

Not satisfied with the record-breaking period of a year ago and the five Ballond’s or ‘s that he was caught. In addition, he played in the top three of Barcelona 2011-12 seasons. He scored 73 times in one season, setting another world record.

Messi has made incredible 39 goals and 9 assists and 26 turns this season, and he doesn’t seem to have regressed. The real champion of football, without uncertainty, is really the best striker in the world of football. Messi is also set to assume control.

2. Gareth Bale (Wales, Real Madrid):

As the left back starts his career at Southampton, Bell continues to gain recognition as a free agent. Through some exchanges and actions, the Welsh star now plays for Real Madrid.

Gareth is an extraordinary Striker as compare to others. He joins different clubs around the world and become a member of Real Madrid. He continues to win La Liga and the Champions League from 2016-2017.


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3. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal, Real Madrid):

The Real Madrid striker can engage in opponent transfer activities in the 11th hour. It is difficult to choose between Ronaldo and Messi. But retain CR7’s current photography note frame. After the most despised opponent Messi, the Portuguese star is at the second place.

He is famous for his exhilarating spirit and hospitality. Once Real Madrid Striker Cristiano Ronaldo spent 90 minutes on in court. Questioned by Jonica Ferrer Gomez. Accusing him of defrauding the Spanish Ministry of Finance of €14.7 million in taxes from 2011 to 2014. He evaded 200 reporters promised to give the statement after court.

Cristiano occupies a dominant position in his opponent and does not matter to anyone. The Real Madrid star has four FIFA Ballon d’Or honours next to the names of four European gold shoes.

4. Luis Suarez (Uruguay, Barcelona):

Football player (Louis Alberto Suarez Diaz) is an Uruguayan football player. Played for the Premier League clubs Liverpool, Uruguay and for Barcelona after the 2014 World Cup. In Liverpool Luis Suarez has become the Reds best Striker Football player.

In the English Premier League’s he has more goals with 27 appearances and goals. His combination with Daniel Sturridge will be a source of excitement for many Reds fans looking forward to the future.

He has the ability to meet large groups and defines the moment of this year. He is the majority of the players in the competition, and this is a very good year for Suarez.

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5. Radamel Falcao (Colombia, Atletico Madrid):

Columbian football striker (Radamel Falcao Garcia Zarate) known as Falcao. His father gave him the name to pay tribute to Brazilian instructor Paulo Roberto Falcao. Radamel Falcao ranked fifth in our list of top 5 best strikers.

Last year, Atletico Madrid scored more goals than in the previous year. He apparently claimed to be one of the best football strikers in the world.

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