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Facts about India
Facts about India

10 Interesting Facts About India You Don’t Know

Facts About India: India is one of the most populated countries in the world. There are many interesting facts about India but we compile a short list of 10 Interesting Facts About India.

For 1000 years, tradition and culture are the same in every meter of land. Known to mankind as the home of the most loving people on earth, this country is independent of the long-ruling British rule. India is a vast country and one of the developing countries in the world. There is much more about this beautiful country with a multicultural and long history.


10 Interesting Facts About India:

1-India’s First Rocket was transported on a bicycle:

Facts about India


This is really crazy but the most amazing fact of India. It makes it a purely amazing and unique piece of indigenous land with traditional, historical, values thing.

The first rocket in India was brought to bicycle to transport. Incredible, quite unbelievable but absolutely correct. It’s very hard to put another person on a bicycle, so you can imagine the delivery of a rocket is a weird thing. Who can kill hundred,s of villagers?

On November 21, 1963, a small rocket took off from Thumba begins India’s modern space age. This is the first time that Indian space scientists have launched rockets, the first milestone in modern Indian space roaming.

At the time, even rocket parts and payloads were transported to the launch pad by carts and bicycles. It is in these inconspicuous environments that India first launched the Nike-Apache rocket provided by NASA. This is why it happened.

Among the masses, the bishop explained the scientific mission and asked his congregation in his book “Ignite the Thought: Unleash the Power of India.”

2-Shark that inhabits the ‘Holy Ganga River’:

Facts about India


There is a kind of shark that is a habitat for the sacred holy river (Ganges) in India. This particular river has had some spiritual significance for centuries. It itself exists in Native Indians and they took bathed in it. This means clearing and cleaning up all evil souls, sins, and so on.

No matter what the purpose of this river service is, what people believe it is for, it is also a dangerous home of water snakes and sharks. You never know where it comes from unless you see it underwater.

The Ganges shark is an extremely endangered requiem shark found in the Ganges River (Padma River) and the Brahmaputra River in Bangladesh and India. It inhabits the Hooghly River in West Bengal, as well as the Ganges River in Bihar, Assam and Orissa, the Brahmaputra River, and the Mahanadi River.

We admired their bravery because they bathed on the banks of the river in morning and evenings. They called this the home of the soul and may create a new generation of Sharks every few months. These invaders will be a huge threat to hundreds or even thousands of people bathing in the water of the Ganga’s.


3- Population:

Facts about India


India and China are the two most excessive countries. China’s interdecadal growth rate is 0.53%, while India’s is 1.64%. At the current rate, by 2030, India may surpass China to become the most populous country in the world. This is the case with the two most populous countries in the world. China (1.34 billion), India (1.21 billion) and they account for approx 32% of the world’s population.


4- India Multi languages Land:

Facts about India

No Surprise, local Indians use multiple languages simply because of some decisive factors. Such as the locals spending a lot of time with frequent visitors from other countries and due to the fact that the quality of education in India has improved.

Modern Indians can also be scattered throughout the university. This is the last thing that must be learned not only from their native language. Ethnography lists 415 languages spread by thousands of people in India.


5-India Larger Cities:

In New Delhi alone, an estimated 23.3 million people live in a city! This is more than the total population of some countries. A city in Mumbai, India, has a population of 23 million. Kolkata has 16 million people. We have just started and there are many people, but the fact remains that there are so many people in most of the world’s population. In short, you can imagine that there are so many people in every city, of India. This is definitely an overcrowded life.


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6-Indian Voters:

This may seem like the exaggeration of the number of voters in a country, it is absolutely true. We have just discussed how many people live in each city and do not cover the entire population of India. So you can imagine how many voters vote for politicians in the country at the legal age.

The actual number of voters is literally unknown and very difficult to count, but it does fall into the millions. The fact that so many registered voters must mean that they have the greatest confidence in their campaign leaders and that they can vote for them.


7-India and Islam:

If you have ever watched modern and classical Indian movies. You will notice that the common theme it concerns is the independence of two completely different religions but respected ranks. India’s firm ancient belief system and traditional family and Islamic religion still In the same country. In fact, there has always been a feeling of war and a feeling that makes one religion inferior to another.

In India Muslim population is the third largest Muslim population in the world. According to official 2011 statistics, it is 10% of the world’s Muslim population about 172 million.


8-India Road Deaths:

Facts About India

Another interesting fact about India is that road traffic accidents will occur and occur more frequently than other countries. Simply because of the growing population and because of bad traffic control systems. According to data released by the government, more than 500,000 people were killed on the roads in India last year.

Roads are absolutely small and close to each other, unlike the United States. It has been properly separated and built with its splendid infrastructure of secular design. Allowing traffic to move more freely, and reducing traffic jams as India’s roads bend and move around several houses.

Children playing on the same street, a large number of people pass at the same time, homeless people sleep on the roadside. Here, possibilities of road accidents are definitely greater than any other country.

9-India’s Mangoes:

Facts About India


The fact is that India is the world’s largest consumer and producer of mangoes. It is indeed the largest consumer in the world. As we all knew Mongo is the king of fruits and it seems everyone favourite. For many people, the biggest pleasure of India’s hot summer is the rich mango delight.

There are more than 30 varieties of mangos available in India. More than 40% of the world’s mango production is grown in India, ahead of Bangladesh and Thailand. Just imagine how many mango trees and farms scattered across the country are ultimately not enough for Every mango eater in India.

According to reports, the mango production in India in 2012 was about 15,250,000 tons, which is higher than that of China, Kenya, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil, Bangladesh and Nigeria.


10-India Rank in World Records:

For centuries, Indians have been working hard to prove the rest of the world that they are classifying Indians through different names and backgrounds. India has abundant talents and technical capabilities.

India is more obsessed with breaking records than any other country. According to the Guinness World Record, India ranks third in the number of records claimed each year, second only to the United States and the United Kingdom. Eventually become entertaining and showcasing their talents throughout the world.

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