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20 Facts About Taylor Swift (songs,first album)- FTD Facts

Facts About Taylor Swift: Talented, beautiful and inspiring, American pop star Taylor Swift gained fame in just a few years of her career. Taylor Swift took the country music world by storm ten years ago with her first album. Over the years, she transitioned from country star to a bona fide pop superstar. So here are 10 interesting facts about Taylor Swift that will make you more like her.


20 Facts About Taylor Swift,

1- Taylor Swift First Song,

She learned how to play guitar chords from a computer repairer. Also, she writes her first song “Lucky you” at the age of 12. She can now play guitar, piano, banjo, and electric guitar.



 2- Taylor Swift First Job,

Taylor Swift may be very charming now, but her first job was nothing like this. She lives on a Christmas tree farm and works with other people in the family when the season arrives. She is responsible for taking care of the bugs and knocking them out of the tree.



3- Taylor Swift First Recording,

In an interview with the Rolling Stones reporter in 2014, she revealed her paranoia being recorded. She said: “The janitor of TMZ can record me.” She further added that this may make her sound like a crazy, but she can’t stop thinking about how much technology she doesn’t understand.



4- Taylor Swift Afraid to get a real tattoo,

She mentioned that she might never get a real tattoo because she can’t commit a single symbol for the rest of her life. But if she wants to get a permanent tattoo, she will get the number ’13’ because this is her lucky number.



5- Taylor Swift Songs for her Ex,

The pop star has admitted to writing about her ex-boyfriend. She said that three of her 1989 album songs were about Harry Styles. These include “all you had to do was stay”, “I wish you would”, and of course “style.”


Facts About Taylor Swift:

6- Taylor Swift Grammy Winner,

Taylor Swift has many Grammy Awards, but she is also the youngest artist to win the Grammy Award. She was awarded a prestigious award for her album “Fearless” when she was only 20 years old.


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7- Taylor Swift donation,

Taylor Swift donated all proceeds of Wildest Dream to African Wildlife Conservation. and also she is a very generous philanthropist who donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to support art education, children’s literacy, natural disaster relief, LGBT anti-discrimination efforts, and charities for sick children.



8- Taylor Swift Rap Music,

Taylor Swift once worked with T-Pain to create a rap video: “The Story of the Thug.”



9- Taylor Swift Legs worth $40 Million,

Taylor Swift insured her legs for $40 million.


Facts About Taylor Swift

10- Taylor Swift Grandma,

Taylor swift mother,s mother, Marjorie Finlay was a successful opera singer, and her genes were passed to her country music superstar granddaughter, they looked very similar. Swift said: “I can remember her singing voice and its pleasure.” “She was one of my first inspirations. People around me provided all the inspiration I needed, everything I wrote (at that time ) Both come from my experience and what I observed happened to me.


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11- Taylor Swift Name,

Her parents named her after singer and composer James Taylor and hoped that by giving her a famous name, she had a leg up in the business world.



12- Taylor Swift Youngest Song Writer,

At the age of 14, she was the youngest songwriter hired by Sony/ATV Music Publishing.



13- Taylor Swift Shark Novel,

When she was a teenager, she spent a whole summer writing a novel about sharks being washed on the dock of her family’s shore house.



14- Taylor Swift had no Furniture,

Her record company Big Machine had no furniture at the time of the first single release, with only 10 employees. When a song needs to be sent to the radio, Taylor and her mother will sit on the floor to help send the CD single to the post.



15- Taylor Swift Father own,

When she decided to sign a contract with Big Machine after she left RCA, her father made a small investment in the company and now he owns a 3% of the company.


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16- Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss,

A few years before she became friends with Karlie Kloss at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, she told Vogue that she wanted to bake cookies with a supermodel.



17- Taylor Swift Romance,

Most of her romance was inspired by her grandparents 51-year marriage, that ended when they died a week apart.



18- Taylor Swift Songs for Cancer,

She wrote two songs about children’s with cancer, the unreleased song “Gracie” and the charity single “Ronan”.



19- Taylor Swift as a Songwriter,

She imagined that when her singing career slowed down, she would have a second career as a songwriter.



20- Taylor Swift Albums,

Taylor Swift sold over 20 million albums worldwide.


Also, Facts About Taylor Swift is Number 13:

Unlike most Western civilizations, Taylor is not triskaidekaphobic – that is, she is not afraid of number 13. In fact, she likes it very much, so it affects the big things she does. She was born on December 13 and she was 13 years old at 13 years old. Her first album won a gold medal in 13 weeks. Before each performance, she drew a “13” and pointed out: “This is really strange.” In 2009, she commented that every time she won, she sat in the 13th row, seat, part or ” M line, this is the 13th letter.” Oh, she said that her first single had a 13-second introduction. “Basically,” she said. “Every time I see 13 in my life, it’s a good thing.”


Taylor Swift Collaborates with Jack Antonoff:

Swift first teamed up with Jack Antonoff in 2013 to create the song “Sweeter than Fiction” for a single-player soundtrack, and she writes 2 songs in her album “1989”. Antonoff co-authored and co-produced six songs in Swift’s latest album “Reputation”.


Also Taylor Swift cites Paul McCartney and Emmylou Harris as career role models:

They took the opportunity, but they were the same artist throughout their careers,” she told that in an interview with the US Today.

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